Saturday, February 11, 2012

No Duplicate for These Stunts

Mollywood actor Prithviraj is currently shooting for Hero - a film wherein he plays the role of the duplicate who is usually called in to do stunts for the real life hero on the sets.

"The film is about the man who actually risks his life by doing all those stunts that we see lead actors doing on the big screen. It happens to be a story that I feel strongly about too. I recall noticing a leading stunt guy who was making a last minute call to his wife while he was seated behind the wheel, just before he performed one of the most daring stunts of his career. He was, in fact, filling in as my duplicate in that film. Just imagining what the guy must have gone through, calling a loved one - just in case he does not make it through alive, still gives me the shivers," says Prithviraj.

The actor's current film, Hero, requires him to do a variety of stunts. "I have decided not to use a duplicate for this film. It would be most ridiculous to have a duplicate to play the duplicate that I am required to play," Prithviraj points out.


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