Monday, November 14, 2011

The Very First Updates on Urumi (Tamil) Audio Launch

* Vijay, Mani Ratnam, AR Murugadoss and Santhosh Sivan at Urumi audio release!

* Mani Ratnam: I saw Urumi in Malayalam. Only santhosh can do such a magnificent film in such a short time and budget.

* AR Murugadoss: I've always wanted to work with santhosh sivan after watching roja, dil se etc.

* SJ Suriya also here.

* Santhosh Sivan: I wanted to make a film like this for some time. It was done with a limited time and budget.

* Haricharan and Shweta Mohan performing a song live! Coming here was totally worth it.

* And guess who's here?? Arvind Swamy. Haven't seen him in ages!!!

* Vijay: Have seen the songs. They look like paintings.

* Prithviraj is at shooting 'Masters' in Malayalam in which Subramaniapuram Sasi is acting, which is why he's not here.

* Vijay is actually holding an Urumi in hand, that's the symbolic audio launch!

* Prithviraj's mom Mallika actually speaks good Tamil. No inhibitions. Actually funny too!

SOURCE: Prathibha P from CNN IBN

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