Thursday, October 6, 2011

Anwar (Telugu) Audio Release

A super hit Malayalam film starring Prithvi Raj, Mamta Mohandas and Nithya Menon in the lead is now being dubbed into Telugu as Tollywood Creations banner titled ‘Anwar’. The audio was released today in Cinemax in Hyderabad. The audio CDs were released by Tammareddy Baradwaja and the first copy of it was received by Mamta Mohan Das.

Tammareddy Baradwaj said, “Music is excellent in this film. Mamta Mohandas played a variety role. I wish a grand success to this film in Telugu as well.”

Prasanna Kumar said, “The title ‘Anwar’ is very popular. Songs are excellent. I too wish for the grand success of this film in Telugu.”

Suresh Kondeti said, “It’s a good sign that Mamta Mohandas is taking part in the promotion of this film. I wish a grand success to this film in Telugu also.”

Ramana Reddy said, “We are aware of Mamta Mohandas as a singer and an actress. She has lots of talent in her. She played a very good role in this film. Likewise there are many good artists in this film. I wish that this film will become a big success.”

Kiran said, “Mamta Mohandas always work with good directors. She is a role model for other heroines in the industry. Chinna (producer) is a good friend of mine. I wish this film a big hit.”

Mamta Mohandas while speaking, “I’m aware of Telugu films being dubbed into Malayalam. But now a Malayalam film is being dubbed into Telugu. This film has all required elements. I sang one song in Malayalam version which I wanted to sing in Telugu also. I did this film after 3 months of completion of K.D. This film became a big hit in Malayalam and I hope it will be the same in Telugu also.”


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