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Urumi Telugu Movie Review by Business of Tollywood | Rating: 3 | Story: 3.5 | Screenplay: 3 | Technical department: 3.5 | Music: 3.5

"Urumi" the weapon, movie directed by Santosh Sivan, under the banner of SVR Media (P) Limited. Movie starring Prithvi Raj, Genelia in lead role and Prabhu Deva, NityaMenon in supporting role, released in theatres today.

"Urumi" movie is an historical epic, which narrates the story of a great warrior Chirakkal Kelu Naynar and Princess Ayesha.

Movie story starts with a land issue which belongs to young Krishna Das (Prithvi Raj). He gets an offer to sell the land and for which he visits Kerala with his friend (Prabhu Deva) to sign the deal.There he meets an unknown guy (Arya) who suggests him not to sell the land to the foreigners and narrates the story of his ancestor warriors.

As per the story, In 16th century while Vasco De Gama, the Viceroy of Portuguese Empirevisits to India for the sake of Business,got highly influenced by the "Pepper" of Kerala and decides to earn profits from them by selling it in foreign countries. But in the name of business he started deceiving the people of Kerala and aim for ruling the place. Knowing this a brave warrior (Arya) approaches Vasco for a discussion buthe gets killed brutally by VascoDe Gama. Chirakkal Kelu Nayanar (Prithvi Raj) son of Arya manages to escape from there. From a very young age, he wants to take revenge on "Vasco"-Who killed his Father.

Kelu meets with Vavvali (Prabhu Deva), and both become friends. One day while their visit to forest, Vavvali Meets with ChirakalBalmuri (Nithyamenon) and falls in love with her.

Meanwhile, Kelu comes to know that Estherio De Gama, son of Vasco is on planning to visit Kerala. Kelu & Vavvali plans to kill Estherio, but Chirakal Balmuri's father, a king advices then not to kill him. He suggests them to kidnap Estherio, through which they can reach Vasco De Gama.

While kidnapping Estherio,Kelu meets with Aysha (Genelia). Aysha is a princess, her kingdom was demolished by Vasco and now she is also looking to take revenge on Vasco. Estherio manages to escape from the hands of Kelu and reaches Vasco.

After knowing about Vasco, Kelu makes a small group of army to demolish Vasco and with this army he attacks the Vasco's army. In that war he (Kelu) gets killed.

After knowing about his ancestors, Krishna Das (Prithvi Raj) comes to a point where he has to choose between money and principles?

Overall the movie can be rated as "Good".


The good part of the movie is its best technical work, Cinematography and great direction. Santosh Sivan has shown his brilliance in the movie. Music of the movie is pretty awesome and the story holds the audience.

Genelia, who is well-known for her Bubble image, presented herself in a new avatar. She performed the stunts and action scenes on the screen very well. Prithvi Raj playing the lead role has done a very good work in the movie. It was a difficult role but he came out with his best performance and made the character more interesting.

Nithya Menon and Prabhu Deva as supporting roles have done well. Their chemistry on the screen along with some romantic scenes were outstanding. While Tabu and VidhyaBalan made guest appearance in the movie.

Rating: 3 Story: 3.5 Screenplay: 3 Technical department: 3.5 Music: 3.5


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