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Urumi Telugu Movie Review by Hemanthology | A wonderful film

In an age where loud and often lengthy dialogues have become the order of the day, Santosh Sivan’s Urumi is cinema in its purest form. Cinema is more about art of telling a story with visuals and dialogues do not take centre stage unless absolutely necessary to drive the story forward. Urumi is a period film set in early 16th century and narrates a fictional tale of a brave warrior, Chirakkal Kelu Nayar who leads a group of men to assassinate Vasco da Gama. The film throws light on the atrocities committed by Vasco da Gama and his army after they reached the shores of Kerala in 1497.

Urumi portrays Vasco da Gama as a ruthless sea explorer who killed hundreds of innocent men and women. Kelu (Prithviraj) grows up with revenge in his heart and he wants to kill Vasco da Gama to avenge his father’s death. He forges a sword (Urumi) with gold drenched in blood of his own people. His quest leads him to a kingdom where he sees an opportunity to fulfill his ambition. The rest of the story is about how Kelu manages to inspire hundreds of local men and women to revolt against the Portuguese.

Written by Shankar Ramakrishnan, Urumi’s depiction of 16th century Kerala is a far cry from any other period film we have seen in recent times. The film doesn’t bank upon grand sets and visual effects to inspire awe among the viewers; however Santosh Sivan weaves magic through his camera as he captures vast landscapes drenched in rain. There are incredibly large number of close-up shots on the lead actors, particularly on Prithviraj and Genelia, who plays the role of Ayesha, a warrior princess. There are plenty of motifs throughout the film. In one scene, Vasco Da Gama spills pepper on the map of Kerala to show his desire to conquer new kingdoms. And water is another motif which depicts pure love blossoming between Kelu and Ayesha.

Genelia is a major revelation in the film and she did put in a lot of effort especially in the action sequences. Performances by Prabhu Deva, Nithya Menon, Amole Gupte and Jagathy Sreekumar are top notch; while Prithviraj dazzles in action sequences. Arya makes a cameo as a fierce warrior. Aided by brilliant cinematography and superb background score by Deepak Dev, the film’s action choreography is dazzling. However, bad dubbing and dialogues take away the sheen to a certain extent.

The film depicts a culture and lifestyle which does take some effort to appreciate; however, if you are a history aficionado, Urumi is an important film you cannot afford to miss. Santosh Sivan does take some cinematic liberties to create dream like sequences involving Vidya Balan in one instance, but the seriousness of the theme and visual storytelling should not be overlooked. You may not be totally in awe after the film, but very few films capture your attention like Urumi. Go watch it. At least, there’s a lot to learn from these so called ‘art-house’ films.

(This review was first published in ‘Hans India’ newspaper on August 21, 2011)


Urumi Telugu Movie Review by Bharatstuden | Rating: 3.25/5

Rating: 3.25/5
Banner: August Cinema
Cast: Genelia D'Souza, Prithviraj, Tabu, Prabhu Deva, Arya, Nithya Menon, Vidya Balan, Jagathy, Amol Gupte, Alex and Others
Music: Deepak Dev
Cinematographer: Anjali Shukla
Director: Santhosh Sivan
Producers: Prithviraj, Santosh Sivan, Shaji Natesan
Release Date: 19/08/2011


An interesting tale, the story begins on current day with Chirakkal Kelu Nayyar (prithvi) who gets a bumper offer to sell his ancestral land. As he gears up to go to Kerala to sign the documents, he gets to know about his ancestors. It is about this brave warrior (arya) who plots to kill the viceroy Vasco Da Gama but gets killed. This is taken over by his son Kelu Nayyar who is joined by his childhood Muslim friend Vavvali (prabhudeva) and Ayesha (Genelia) a princess who plans a revolt against the foreign invaders. Whether they succeed or not forms the rest of the story.


The director has come up with a thought provoking storyline and while the presentation was magnificent, the narrative was impressive. The dialogues were charged up, the script was factual and the screenplay was smooth. Background score was alright but songs were very good and specially picturized. Cinematography was top notch. Editing was crisp. Costumes were different and perfect while the art department was rich and appealing. Prithviraj has come up with a memorable performance and fits the role very well. Genelia looks matured and her action sequences were nice. Prabhu Deva brings few smiles and adds energy to the scenes. Nithya Menon was effective, Jagathy was regular, Amol Gupte makes his presence felt, Alex was apt. Cameos by Arya, Tabu and Vidya Balan adds more value.


The film runs on a historical event and is based on facts. The good thing is, despite its backdrop, everything looks sensible and not exaggerated. The technical and production values were highly valuable and being the costliest film ever made in Malayalam is justified. While the first half goes about with the layering of the plot, the second half deals with the energetic action sequences and exceptional performances. However, due to the focus on bringing it close to the truth, the pace of the movie goes slow. Overall, the film has enough material and though its genre is different, it has strong potential to score a hit.

Bharatstudent verdict: Visual delight, eye opening thought, watch it!!


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Urumi Telugu Movie Review by Metro Masti | Rating: 3.5/5

Movie: Urumi

Cast: Prithviraj, Genelia D'Souza, Prabhu Deva, Allex ONell, Amol Gupte, Robin Pratt, Jagathy Sreekumar, Vidya Balan, Tabu, Arya and Nithya Menon

Director: Santhosh Sivan

Producer: Santhosh Sivan, Prithviraj, Shaji Natesan

Music Director: Deepak Dev


Santhosh Sivan is back with the movie Urumi. This movie is released in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and English worldwide. In English the movie is titled as Vasco Da Gama. Producer Santhosh Sivan, Prithviraj and Shaji Natesan have spend rupees 200 million in making the movie Urumi. This is the second highest budget movie of Malayalam. Santhosh Sivan himself scored the cinematography for the movie Urumi. Check out the below space to know whether Urumi will do well at the box office or not.


Movie starts with the introduction of the Portuguese history. Vasco Da Gama (Robin Pratt) plays a crucial role in the Age of Discovery in India. A school teacher will be narrating the story of Vasco Da Gama to the students showing few motion images to them. Vasco Da Gama’s greatest achievement is Lisbon. In one of the party, Vasco Da Gama will be seen with his young son Estevao who plays the key role in the movie.

Coming to the present, Krishna Das (Prithviraj) along with his friends runs a music troupe in Goa. While Krishna Das's life seems good, one day a multinational mining company owner goes to Krishna Das and says about their ancestral property in Kerala. Krishna Das’s mother (expired few years ago) gives the land for lease to a NGO. As the lease period has elapsed, Krishna Das has all rights to sell the property to the Mining Company. Also, Krishna Das will be given a very huge amount as advance from the Mining Company. But, there will be some problem with the NGO’s leaving in that area. To solve the issue, Krishna Das will leave to Kerala.

As soon as Krishna Das enters Tamil Nadu he will be kidnapped by the NGOs living in his land. The NGOs take Krishna Das to their chief Thandachan (Arya). Chief Thandachan narrates Krishna Das the story of Portugal’s and the descendant Chirakkal Kelu Nayanar. Krishna Das happens to be the ancestor of Vasco Da Gama.

How Krishna Das realizes the greatness of the Portugal’s land and how he protects the land from Multinational Mine Company forms the rest of the story.


Every actor of the movie Urumi has given their 100%. Prithviraj’s acting is mind blowing. His emotions and expressions were awesome. Arya was looking good. His acting was upto the mark. Prabhu Deva and Nitya Menon’s acting was soothing. Genilia D'Souza was adorable as usual. Genelia D Souza has given her best performance in the movie Urumi. Allex ONell, Amol Gupte and Robin Pratt were good. Tabu was looking beautiful and her acting was fabulous.

What’s hot:

Direction, screenplay and cinematography done by Santhosh Sivan is mind blowing. Well, three cheers for Santosh Sivan! Audience will enjoy the movie from start to the end. Cinematography of the movie was awesome. One will definitely like to visit Kerala after watching the movie Urumi. Music scored by Deepak Dev is an x-factor to the movie. Genelia D'Souza and Nithya Menon’s presence is a strong point to the movie.

What’s not:

There is no proper sequence of scenes in the movie Urumi. Action scenes could have been better. There was no proper narration of Age of Discovery in the movie Urumi. Also, there are no comedy sequences in the movie which gets the audience bored easily.

Metromasti Verdict:

The movie Urumi is a must watch movie. If you’re looking for a movie which has good story and neat screenplay then the movie Urumi is the best choice. Being an extra ordinary movie, Urumi will definitely do well on box office.

Metromasti Rating: 3.5/5


Urumi Telugu Movie Review by Full Hyderabad | Performances: 8.0 | Script: 6.0 | Music/Soundtrack: 7.0 | Visuals: 9.0

Performances: 8.0
Script: 6.0
Music/Soundtrack: 7.0
Visuals: 9.0

Rain-washed Kerala through the eyes of Santosh Sivan is never a bad bet.

Add to that an utterly watchable cast and some delicious war melodrama, and viola, there's your childhood Chandamama bedtime story brought alive like little else. Handsome, gallant warrior to boot.

Urumi, despite the gore and violence, is a pretty uncomplicated folk tale of one brave hero's triumph against the odds that his land faces. Spanning across quite a few kingdoms of 16th century Kerala, the story is based on the indignation of the natives of the Malabar coast against Portugese rule. The triumph of the flick is not in its technicalities as much as it is in getting its "feel" right.

The story begins in the present day, with a look at the lives of 2 friends, one of whom, Krishnadas (Prithviraj) has just come to know that he has some ancestral property in Kerala that he can sell off for a hefty amount to a mining company. When he and his friend (Prabhu Deva) visit the land, they discover that the tribals there are under the threat of their civilization being wiped out.

These tribals have an intriguing story to tell, and thus begins the journey into the past, where Chirakkal Kelu Nayanar (Prithviraj) is a brave warrior on a mission to take kill Vasco Da Gama (Robin Pratt). Kelu is set upon taking revenge on Da Gama for his atrocities on the locals.

When Kelu and his trusted friend, the Muslim Vavvali (Prabhu Deva), save a princess (Nithya Menen) from being abducted, they are suspected of being attackers themselves, and are taken to the royal palace to be put to death for their "crime". How Kelu's path towards Vasco gets cleared forms the rest of the plot.

Urumi's biggest shortcoming is this: it is a dubbed flick. The film lays on the charm thick and nice, and it all seems such a waste since this is in a language and culture alien to you.

The narrative tends to slow down in places where Sivan inserts intricately-choreographed fights, and the sequence of events gets predictable some times. There's also the problem of the heavy-duty Telugu making things hard to follow at places, in addition to the culture overkill.

On the whole, despite the slightly theatrical way the plot carries on and the actors mouth lines, Urimi is as cinematically pleasing as it gets, and quite gripping. Some of the costumes are Asoka-esque (in fact, the whole flick does remind you a bit of Asoka), but the rest are pretty authentic. The cinematography is, predictably, a treat. Watching Urumi on the big screen sure seems a better deal than catching it on a small one (with commercial breaks).

Vasco Da Gama's brutalities against the locals, coupled with Kelu's acts of revenge make for some graphic violence, but otherwise, there are snatches of history interestingly captured. The obsoleteness of Indian native weapons when compared to the more powerful guns and cannons of the Western invaders is one such.

Women, in particular, are likely to be besotted by the movie. Prithviraj seems as invincible a screen God as the supremely dashing warrior he plays. It's hard to say who this little victory really belongs to - Prithviraj himself, for his charisma; or Santosh Sivan, for the near-perfect packaging of the traditional horse-riding hero and his conquests.

Prithviraj acts brilliantly, and with the exact amount of smouldering intensity his role demands. He and Genelia share some great chemistry, in a romance that lends a lot of character to the plot. Genelia plays a Muslim warrior princess - a role that demands more martial art skill than emotion - with dignity. Jagathy Sreekumar as the mahamantri is phenomenal.

Prabhu Deva's comedy and Nithya Menen's come-hither looks form another romantic track angle. The pairing of these two, by the way, isn't convincing, and is mostly awkward. This, despite the fact that both brim over with talent.

The rest of the dazzling star cast you see in the promos isn't really there - Arya has some scenes, Vidya Balan (who also has a bizarre song to her credit) has fewer, and Tabu is featured only in one song.

The music is in tune with the film's general mood, but there are disappointingly no melodies.

Urimi is pretty impressive a film, but if it were a "straight Telugu" offering, we'd have actually stayed awake right till the end.


Urumi Telugu Movie Review by Y Reach | The dashing acting of Prithviraj

Urumi, a historical-fantasy movie is getting ready to entertain the Tollywood audience this season. The movie has been directed and produced by Santosh Sivan under the banner of S.V.R Media Pvt. Ltd. and stars Prabhu Deva, Prithviraj, Genelia D'Souza, Nithya Menon, Vidya Balan, Jagathy Sreekumar, Alexx Onell and Tabu. The second-most expensive Malayalam movie 'Urumi', is releasing in Telugu with the same title.

The movie begins with modern times with a youngster Krishna Das (Prithvi Raj) and his acquaintance Prabhu Deva have fun filled time. A mega corporate company offers a heavy amount for his ancestral property in Kerala.

Krishna gets to know the facts about the property and the land when he comes to Kerala for singing the official documents. The truth is revealed in the flash back where a courageous warrior (Arya) tries to execute Vasco da Gama, the Viceroy of Portuguese Empire in India. However, he is cruelly killed by the invaders and his son Chirakkal Kelu Naynar (Prithvi Raj) steps to take revenge with a golden Urumi, which he makes with the jewelry of dead women and children who were killed in a ship that was going to Mecca. The women and children die as the ship was set on fire.

The movie has many highlights like the dashing acting of Prithvi Raj, especially in the climax scene where he comes out with his best acting skills, Prabhu Deva who has given his exceptional performance with great ease and chat song with Nithya is a scream.

Genelia's controlled performance and her showcase of Kalaripayattu needs a special mention for the way she handled those sequences. The other stars that ensembles the movie are Nithya Menon, Jagathy, Amol Gupte, Alex, Robin have done their job perfectly.

Overall, the movie has a fairytale ting with perfect combination of the story, script, Producers, Director, Actors and definitely not the least, the technical brilliance.

Urumi Telugu Movie Review by 123telugu | Visually breathtaking Art-house

Rating: N.A. This movie cannot be rated like as a regular commercial cinema. For this reason, I am not giving a rating for this Santosh Sivan Classic.

Urumi is Santosh Sivan’s period drama set in the days of the first Portuguese foray into India. The movie has some heavyweights in the cast and with one of India’s most talented cinematographers at the helm, Urumi has great expectations riding on it. Let us see how the movie fares.

What it is about: The movie revolves around the story of Chirakkal Kelu Nayar (Prithviraj), who is a fearsome warrior from Kerala. Kelu vows to free his motherland from the influence and interference of the Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama. He has his loyal comapnion Vavvali (Prabhu Deva) to assist him in his endeavours. Kelu’s weapon of choice is a golden Urumi, which he creates out of the gold ornaments of his people killed by the Portuguese. In his journey to complete his objective, he meets and falls in love with a warrior princess Ayesha ( Genelia).

Kelu gets entangled in the power politics of a feminine Chenichery Kurup (Jagathy Sreekumar), who has the Chirakkal Thampuran (Amol Gupte) heavily influenced. Chenichery is a mole and is loyal to Vasco da Gama. He later exerts his charms over Thampuran’s heir Bhanu Vikraman (Ankur Sharma). Nitya plays the role of Thampuran’s daughter and there is a romantic angle between her and Vavvali.

The rest of the story is about how Kelu and his team go about their quest to eliminate Vasco da Gama.

What is Good: The movie is grandness personified.Though history goes for a toss and a lot of cinematic liberties are taken, the movie is very richly and authentically mounted on screen. Prithviraj is brilliant in the role of the warrior Kelu and he just exudes masculinity. He turns in a controlled and skilled performance.

The pick of the lot is Genelia, who essays the role of the warrior princess Ayesha to perfection. She is good in her combat scenes and looks sensuous in period malayalee attire.

Vidya Balan, Tabu and Arya make cameo appearances and do their bit well. Prabhu Deva ably supports Prithviraj and he tries to bring about some element of humour to the otherwise serious story.

All the female actresses look seriously sensual in their wet malayalee attire. Kalaripayattu sequences are choreographed brilliantly and authentically.

The duet between Genelia and Prithvi is one of the finest examples of aesthetic romance we have seen in a long long time.

The way the director fuses this historical flashback into present day political conditions is admirable and the script writer needs to be commended for coming up with such a water tight script.

What is Bad: In the interest of ‘authenticity’ and intensity, screenplay goes about quite slowly and this will be quite hard to digest for regular movie goers. As with all art-house movies, some scenes are too authentic and bizarre to digest.

Jagathy Sreekumar’s portrayal of Chenichery Kurup might be brilliant from an actor’s perspective, but it does evoke a sense of disgust in a lot of people.

There are next to zero commercial elements in this movie and this will seriously hinder its run at the box office. Dubbing work is not of a very high order and we can easily make out the missing sync between the actor’s spoken dialogue and the Telugu version. Telugu dialogues are below par.

Technical Departments: This movie shows why Santosh Sivan is one of India’s finest cinematographers. Each and every frame is brilliantly composed and richly shot. Kerala is shown in a misty and wet light and the locales look stunning. This movie needs to be shown to all aspiring cinematographers to highlight the magic that a camera can create in the right hands.

Music by Deepak Dev is good and provides a rich backdrop for the movie. Editing is of a very high standard.

Analysis: Urumi is not a commercial cinema and it will not appeal to regular fun loving movie goers. Its a serious art-house film that’s technically brilliant and the cinematography will leave you speechless. There is tremendous appeal in the movie for serious cinema lovers and for technical connoisseurs so don’t miss the chance to catch this on screen if you are one of those.

Rating: N.A. This movie cannot be rated in the same manner as a regular commercial cinema and the normal parameters of rating a movie do not apply here. For this reason, I am not giving a rating for this Santosh Sivan Classic.


Urumi Telugu Movie Review by 8PM News | It is a must watch movie

Director: Santhosh Sivan

Music: Deepak Dev

Producer: Shaji Natesan, Santhosh Sivan and Prithviraj

Cast: Prithviraj, Genelia D’Souza Prabhu Deva, Vidya Balan, Nithya Menon, Jagathy, Amol Gupte, Alex, Robin, Arya and Tabu, ect…

Story Line:

‘Urumi’ is an interesting new movie in the theatres which seems to have divided public opinion right down the middle. I am reviewing a movie here after a long time, and Urumi is a good pick because I am not a fence-sitter on this one. Even after discounting for a group of young people who would cry foul of any Prithviraj movie (‘avanu enthoru jadayanu’), and another group of people who are still stuck in the Mammooty, Mohanlal, Gopi era of superstars (fact is there are 3 super stars even today – Mammooty, Dileep, and Prithviraj), there still seems to be a good chunk of people who watched the movie and genuinely disliked it.

For a start, I really liked the movie, and this was after watching it with pretty high expectations (because I expected Santosh Sivan and Prithviraj to have come a long way from ‘Ananthabhadram’, a movie produced by Manian Pilla Raju. I was right on the former, and a bit let down on the latter). That said, ‘Urumi’ is refreshingly new, technically brilliant attempt in Telugu cinema which ranks much high above ‘Pazhassiraja’ and a tad below ‘Veeragadha’. It is a must watch in a field muddled by Christian Brothers, China Town, August 15, and Makeup Man. The movie ranks alongside Traffic, and Pranchiyettan as one of the good movies that will define the current so-called ‘Golden Age’ of Telugu cinema.

All in all, “Urumi” is a must watch for all those who love quality cinema. Redefining the traditional qualities of period dramas, “Urumi” is sure to become a movie that will be respected and adored by Mollywood for its creative panache, tremendous performances and great technical wizardry.

Finally, it can be said that Urumi is a great movie, which has excellent acting, awesome technical values. It is a must watch movie.

Release Date: 19Aug 2011.


Urumi Telugu Movie Review by Telugu Cinema | Rating: 3.25/5

Film: Urumi Cast: Pritviraj, Prabhu Deva, Genelia, Nitya Menen, Tabu, Vidya Balan, Jagathy and others
Story: Shankar Sivaramakrishnan
Shashank Vennelakanti

Deepak Dev
Editing: Sreekar Prasad
Produced by:
SVR Media
Cinematography and directed by: Santosh Sivan
Release date:
August 19, 2011

What's it about

Krishnadas (Pritviraj) and his friend (Prabhu Deva) lead jolly life. One-day a corporate company's representative (Nitya Menen) comes to them and offers huge money for Krishnadas's ancestral property in Kerala. Krishnadas comes to know that his property has a history and it has huge value. In a flashback.. In Chirakkal, a warrior (Arya) fights against the Vasco da Gama and gets killed. So his son Kelu Naynar (Prithviraj) decides to kill Gama with a special weapon called Urumi that is made with Gold. His friend Vavvali (Prabhu Deva) also joins in his mission and later princess of Arakkal (Genelia) comes with them to kill the Gama.


is dubbed version of Malayalam film by the same name. Directed by acclaimed cinematographer cum director Santosh Sivan, Urumi has an interesting plot line. Santosh Sivan is renowned for making visually alluring films and Urumi is no exception. The movie has stunning visuals and never seen before locales. His technical artistry is visible in each frame in the film. You just marvel at several scenes on the screen as splendid action sequences unfurl.
Fantastic performances from the lead actors especially Genelia and Prithiviraj further elevate the film's mood. Pace of the film is slow and there are some dragging moments too, but despite them, the movie holds your attention till the end. The effort that has gone into making it is truly amazing to say the least.


Pritviraj in two varied roles comes out with stunning performance. He is equally good in the role of a modern guy and in the character of bygone era's warrior. As Vavvali, Prabhu Deva has done justice to his role. It is Genlia who catches one's attention. As a princess and a brave woman, she brings believability. In the action sequences, she does so perfect.
Nitya Menon, Tabu and Vidya Balan also appear in the movie but they have not much to do. On the technical front, Santosh Sivan as the cinematographer steals the show. Each frame is like a painting. His camera angles are astounding too. Wannabe cameramen must watch this film repeatedly to get the mastery over the art. You can also see his mastery in each department as he brings out best from his chief technicians - art director (superb and perfectly depicts the bygone era) and music director.


Urumi is a must watch film for its great visuals, good performances and its rich production values. It is a massive film and also very entertaining. Most of the time, it spellbinds you as the movie unfolds. Visually enticing movie.

Rating: 3.25/5


Urumi Telugu Movie Review by Business of Tollywood | Rating: 3 | Story: 3.5 | Screenplay: 3 | Technical department: 3.5 | Music: 3.5

"Urumi" the weapon, movie directed by Santosh Sivan, under the banner of SVR Media (P) Limited. Movie starring Prithvi Raj, Genelia in lead role and Prabhu Deva, NityaMenon in supporting role, released in theatres today.

"Urumi" movie is an historical epic, which narrates the story of a great warrior Chirakkal Kelu Naynar and Princess Ayesha.

Movie story starts with a land issue which belongs to young Krishna Das (Prithvi Raj). He gets an offer to sell the land and for which he visits Kerala with his friend (Prabhu Deva) to sign the deal.There he meets an unknown guy (Arya) who suggests him not to sell the land to the foreigners and narrates the story of his ancestor warriors.

As per the story, In 16th century while Vasco De Gama, the Viceroy of Portuguese Empirevisits to India for the sake of Business,got highly influenced by the "Pepper" of Kerala and decides to earn profits from them by selling it in foreign countries. But in the name of business he started deceiving the people of Kerala and aim for ruling the place. Knowing this a brave warrior (Arya) approaches Vasco for a discussion buthe gets killed brutally by VascoDe Gama. Chirakkal Kelu Nayanar (Prithvi Raj) son of Arya manages to escape from there. From a very young age, he wants to take revenge on "Vasco"-Who killed his Father.

Kelu meets with Vavvali (Prabhu Deva), and both become friends. One day while their visit to forest, Vavvali Meets with ChirakalBalmuri (Nithyamenon) and falls in love with her.

Meanwhile, Kelu comes to know that Estherio De Gama, son of Vasco is on planning to visit Kerala. Kelu & Vavvali plans to kill Estherio, but Chirakal Balmuri's father, a king advices then not to kill him. He suggests them to kidnap Estherio, through which they can reach Vasco De Gama.

While kidnapping Estherio,Kelu meets with Aysha (Genelia). Aysha is a princess, her kingdom was demolished by Vasco and now she is also looking to take revenge on Vasco. Estherio manages to escape from the hands of Kelu and reaches Vasco.

After knowing about Vasco, Kelu makes a small group of army to demolish Vasco and with this army he attacks the Vasco's army. In that war he (Kelu) gets killed.

After knowing about his ancestors, Krishna Das (Prithvi Raj) comes to a point where he has to choose between money and principles?

Overall the movie can be rated as "Good".


The good part of the movie is its best technical work, Cinematography and great direction. Santosh Sivan has shown his brilliance in the movie. Music of the movie is pretty awesome and the story holds the audience.

Genelia, who is well-known for her Bubble image, presented herself in a new avatar. She performed the stunts and action scenes on the screen very well. Prithvi Raj playing the lead role has done a very good work in the movie. It was a difficult role but he came out with his best performance and made the character more interesting.

Nithya Menon and Prabhu Deva as supporting roles have done well. Their chemistry on the screen along with some romantic scenes were outstanding. While Tabu and VidhyaBalan made guest appearance in the movie.

Rating: 3 Story: 3.5 Screenplay: 3 Technical department: 3.5 Music: 3.5


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Santhosh Sivan Plans to Storm Theatres in TN

Urumi starring a host of stars like Prithviraj, Genelia, Tabu, Prabhu Deva, Tabu, Arya, and Vidya Balan was released in Telugu, and the response has been fantastic. It is practically impossible to buy a ticket to see the film as they have all been sold out in advance. Critics have given excellent reviews and the fans are also walking out blown away by the brilliance, scope and grandeur of the film. The director, Santhosh Sivan is delighted with the appreciation his film is getting.

The cinematographer cum director said that he can't wait to see the reaction of the Tamil fans and has plans to release the film by September 9th. The audio release is likely to be held by the end of the month. We can't wait to see it either!


Pirate of the Arabian?

SNEAK PEAK Santosh Sivan's Urumi, releasing in Tamil shortly, reinterprets history, turning the spotlight on the man who tried to kill Vasco da Gam.

It's very rare to see an Indian film make an attempt at reinterpreting history or busting a few myths about the characters that history has celebrated unwittingly.

It is developing to be an important genre in cinema since history is usually the winner's version. Given the diverse group of ethnicities in India and the sensitivities involved, very few filmmakers venture to make controversial statements simply because recreating a period is expensive since every element in the frame, barring the landscape, needs to be designed and created.

It is a tricky proposition also because very few period films have tasted commercial success and those that have succeeded, say a Lagaan or Magadheera, were smart enough to steer clear of arthouse territory with their star appeal, song and dance, and set piece action sequences.

Santosh Sivan returns to revisit another aspect of history in his ambitious trilingual Urumi that gives us a fictional account of the man who tried to kill Vasco da Gama. Though there were a few attempts on his life, da Gama was celebrated as an explorer, even in India with streets and places named after him.

His notorious exploits were buried somewhere in those tales of glory and Sivan attempts to dig deep to bring out an aspect not many are familiar with — Vasco da Gama as a pirate who executed dissenting locals and controlled trade of spices along the coast.

While the Malayalam film released a few months ago, the Tamil version of Urumi starring Prithviraj, Arya, Genelia and Vidya Balan is all set to release next month. “We even reshot many of the scenes in Tamil which is why you won't notice any lip-sync issues,” says Sivan, after a private screening of the film.

The filmmaker, known for his little arthouse gems (Halo, Malli, Terrorist, Tahaan and Before the Rains), this time has consciously decided to tell his story in the popular format, probably because of the economics involved in creating the period feel and the canvas required for his story. Like he did with Asoka. So while it takes a while to get used to stars talking archaic language and breaking into song and dance, it is a genre worth encouraging for its sheer audacity and vision.

Admirable effort

While Hollywood spends millions of dollars on its period films, studios have not exactly been enthusiastic about green-lighting projects on an epic scale. In that context, Urumi is an admirable effort given the huge canvas Sivan has mounted his story on. Relying very little on special effects, except when he's showing us wide shots of ships at sea or armies at war, the cinematographer-director employs natural light and meticulous camera work to present us this spectacle with gloriously choreographed kalari and battle sequences.

While Urumi does not seek to entirely change the course of history like Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds did by pumping bullets into the face of history's most hated figures, it does take a few liberties with actual events to show us the villainous side of the man still celebrated in parts of the West Coast.

A shorter English version of the film will release in December, says Sivan. Catch the action in Tamil at a theatre near you shortly.


Urumi Telugu Movie Review by Search Andhra | Rating 3.75 out of 5

The Film

Urumi is a visual splendor; a celluloid celebration of an era buried in collective memory; it is a story that has a slice of history and the spice of mythology; the film has the mellifluous flow of a ballad and the melodious meter of a charming fairy tale;

Urumi is like the supine past unwinding like a Coiled Sword to present us with the valour of forgotten warriors; the mindless death and devastation of invaders, the pathos of the bereaved, the royal intrigues, the rising of a leader and the repercussions of revenge.

Urumi means a Coiled Sword, a flexible sword curled around the waist or bundled into the belt; it has to be straightened out by turning it around the wielder’s body mostly in a vertical plane. Urumi is the weapon of the practitioners of the martial art of Kalaripayattu. Urumi also means an inner rage.

The Synopsis

The story opens in the present day. Krishna Das (Prithviraj) and his friend Tarzan (Prabhu Deva) are happy-go-lucky guys until a multinational corporation offers a fortune to by the ancestral land of Krishna Das. The MNC wants the land for mining.

Krishna Das has royal lineage and when he goes to his native place in Kerala, he is confronted by Bhoomi (Vidya Balan) a NGO activist and a teacher Urmila (Genelia) who had been safeguarding the ancestral property and taking care of the tribals living there. Bhoomi tries to dissuade Krishna Das from selling the land to the mining corporation. Then, Krishna meets Tangachan (Arya) who narrates the ancestral history of Krishna Das.

The flashback covers the period of around 1500 AD. The Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama (Robin Pratt) wants to establish a colony for trade in spices and gold. Vasco encounters a ship laden with pilgrims and detains it. The king of Kolathunad, Chirakkal Kothuwal (Arya), sents a Brahmin negotiator and his own son, Kelu, to the Portuguese ship to negotiate the release of the pilgrim ship. Gama rejects all negotiations and Kothuval attacks the ship and dies. The pilgrims are massacred. His son Kelu escapes. Kelu is taken care of Vavvali (Prabhu Deva). From the gold ornaments of the dead pilgrims, Kelu creates an Urumi with which he wants to kill Vasco da Gama and avenge the death of his father.

Kelu and Vavvali grow up into warriors and rescue Bala (Nithya Menon), the princess of Kolathunad. In return the Chirakkal Thampu (Amole Gupte) appoints Kelu as the commander-in-chief.

While on a mission to save a patriot from Portuguese gallows, he meets a Muslim warrior princess Ayesha (Genelia). He arrests the son of Vasco, Estêvão da Gama (Alexx ONell) and jails him in Chirakkal.

Kelu now plans his final offence on the citadel of the Portuguese to kill Vaco Da Gama. The rest of the story deals with his war on Gama.

The Performances

Prithviraj is all grace and carries role with a touch of royal dignity and the valour of a warrior. He carries the entire film on his able shoulders.Prabhu Deva is very convincing. Robin Pratt goes under the skin of his role as Vasco. Alexx ONell is convincing. Nitya Menen is coy and emotes well. The surprise package is Genelia. She essays her role with aplomb. She unleashes her full range of emotions in a fitting role. Jagathy Sreekumar is very good as the wily minister. Amole Gupte is his confident self. VIdya Balan, Arya and Tabu excel in their cameos. All others fit in perfectly into their roles.

The Techniques

Santosh Sivan has created celluloid poetry with his craftsmanship. There is a seamless merging of characters over different time periods. The characters are etched with care and great detail. Shankar Ramakrishnan has penned a great story.. The The dialogues and lyrics obviously impacted with translational losses of the essence of the original. The music of Deepak Dev is melodious and in tune with the moods of narration. Eka Lakhani’s costume designs are praiseworthy. The Art director succeeds in getting the period ambience.

The Cinematography captures every nuance of the performers, the sensuous quiver of lips, the sententious flicker of an eye-lid, the spasmodic twitch of a facial muscle, the solemn furrow of the brow and of course the picturesque panorama of the pulchritudinous prakriti. Sreekar Prasad’s editing is flawless. Arial Arasu’s action sequences are like Kalaripayattu ballets. The sound design enhances the appeal of visual content. The production values are high.

The Verdict

Urimi is an endearing cinematic experience. .Urumi has a tag line …The boy who wanted to kill Vasco Da Gama –that gives you the storyline.

However, I must caution you on one aspect.

Like most top class cinematographers turned directors, Santosh Sivan too lingers a bit longer on the exquisitely framed scenes which inadvertently impedes the velocity of the flow of narration.

Urumi is not a blast of sordid rush of a meandering river in spate; it is more like the regal serenity of stately Ganges.

Sivan has symmetry in the structure of the film, which is not like the explosive bang of heritage scotch-on-rocks, but has the implosive twang only vintage wine can switch on.

Go and share the celluloid poetry of Santosh Sivan.

The Cast and Crew

Prithviraj,Genelia Dsouza,Prabhu Deva,Chandan Roy Sanyal,Vidya Balan, Arya, Tabu,Nithya Menon, Robin Pratt, Alexx ONell, Amole Gupte and others

Director: Santhosh Sivan

Producer: Prithviraj, Santhosh Sivan

Banner: August Cinema (Telugu : SVR Media Pvt Ltd)

Music: Deepak Dev

Cinematography: Santhosh Sivan

Editing: Sreekar Prasad

Story and screenplay: Shankar Ramakrishnan

Dialogue: Shashank Vennelakanti

The Rating

3.75 out of 5


Urumi Telugu Movie Review by CineJosh | Excellently Picturized with Irrelevant Historical Subject for Telugu audience

Behind the Movie Urumi: The abundant star cast of Prithviraj, Genelia, Prabhudeva, Nithya Menon, Vidya Balan, Tabu has built great interest on the flick. Ace cinematographer Santosh Sivan directing the film with historical-fiction backdrop is further interest generating. Let us see, how powerful is this Malayalam to Telugu dubbed movie ‘Urumi’?

In the Movie Urumi: Krishna Das (Prithviraj) and Tarzan (Prabhudeva), the easy going guys searching for easy money are caught lucky when a foreign Mining Company approaches them to sell their ancestral property in Northern Kerala. Krishna Das is unaware of this particular property belonging to him, visits the place to find Bhumi (Vidya Balan) and Urmila (Genelia) running a NGO for upliftment of tribes living in that backward land. Thangachchan (Arya), the tribal leader narrates the flashback behind this land and the history of Krishna Das ancestors. Here it goes:

That was the period of 1498 to 1508, when European voyagers have found the sea route to India. First among them is Portuguese Vasco Da Gama (Robin Pratt) landed in Kozhikkode, Kerala forces Arakkal king for a trade deal in exporting the spices. For his vestal interests, Vasco creates internal disturbances, inflicts cruel methods with in the provinces of present day Kerala.

One such dead king/warrior’s (Arya) son is Kelu Nayanar (Prithviraj), who grows with the only goal of killing Vasco. He is assisted by kingly sword ‘Urumi’ and friend Mavvali (Prabhudeva). When Portuguese try to encroach upon Chirakkal by killing King's (Amol Gupte) daughter Chirakkal Bala (Nithya Menon), she is saved by Kelu and Mavvali. Thrilled by their heroics, Chirakkal King appoints Kelu and Mavvali as ‘Senadhipathi.’ Chirakkal King has a cunning Minister Kurup (Jagathy Sree Kumar), who has taken the side of Vasco.

In Arakkal, there is one brave, warrior girl Ayesha (Genelia) who killed nine Portuguese soldiers when they attempt a rape on her. After a fierce battle between Kelu and Ayesha, they find their common goal to save country from the hands of Vasco and then fall in love. In parallel, Mavvali and Chirakkal Bala also fall in love.

In this mean time Vasco’s son Estavio Da Gama enters into the province of Arakkal and is kidnapped by Kelu to surrender him before Chirakkal King. On the other side, Kelu and Ayesha build their own Army using the tribal population. Unfortunately Kurup sketches the conspiracy killing his King and helps Estavio to escape. Then comes climax where forces of Vasco and Kelu come face to face. Kelu, Mavvali loose their lives in battle and this is where Thangachchan’s narration of flashback ends.

Into the present, same such foreigners like Vasco are now on a plan to buy the ancestral land of Krishna Das in the name of mining. Did this European Businessman succeed again in stepping their legs into Indian land in the name of mining? How did Krishna Das and Urmila save their property forms the climax episode?

Values and Out of the Movie Urumi: Story and scripting of Shankar Rama Krishnan traverses through a big time period with each and every incident that happened in history brought before us. His story is massive, timeless and Santosh Sivan’s direction can’t be anything better than this. More concentration was kept on bringing the nativity element come alive and he has done it. Narration of story looked quite fast which was difficult to understand for some viewers. In fact first half was more effective and second half has a big lag. Well, no words to describe the cinematography excellence of Santosh. His aim of projecting the ancient Kerala as misty, swampy, soggy, greenery is concealed throughtout the length of film. Music by Deepak Dev is engaging and interesting. Sreekar Prasad’s editing was crisp in first half and second half needed further trimming. Dialogues by Shashank Vennalakanti were good. Stunt master Anal Arasu well choreographed the action scenes which dominated the flick. Although a dubbing movie, surely production values are all time high.

Performance wise Prithviraj is the show stealer. His broad biceps and physically well built body suited aptly to the character. Prabhudeva got a comic characterization band he has put in a commendable show. Genelia got a role of her life time. She was at ease doing the Sword fights and that was awesome to see her on screen. Nithya Menon was at her usual best. Among others Tabu, Vidya Balan, Arya didn’t get enough attention. Remaining others like Jagathy Sree Kumar was also good.

More than a regular feature film, ‘Urumi’ is done with enough research on Kerala’s history. Film throws light on actual character of Vasco Da Gama, whom we believe to be a great voyager who found sea route to India. But the actual story is different and he is the first European who stepped on Indian soil and then numerous Europeans ruled India to push us back culturally and economically.

Santosh Sivan has given more importance on visual effects and other technical values than the Scripting of ‘Urumi.’ All the characters introduced in the film are only to support Kelu but do not have separate identity. Songs in the film looked out of connection. Especially the song canned on Yakshini (Vidya Balan) was very hot with cleavage show. Locations used in the film are spellbound. Visual panache with fine tuned quality of each and every imagery make the film one of the best visual extravaganzas in Indian cinema.

Urumi has good thrilling episodes to entertain the audience to core. At the same time it has major drawbacks like nothing in the movie related to our Andhra. In simple, ‘Urumi’ is a Santosh Sivan film and he has done it the way he wanted to do it. Only those who thrive for difference can go and watch it.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Urumi:

Excellently Picturized with Irrelevant Historical Subject for Telugu audience.


Urumi Telugu Movie Review by Current Week | Rating 3.75/5

Cast: Prithviraj, Arya, Prabhu Deva, Genelia, Tabu , Nithya Menon
Director: Santhosh Sivan
Producer: Shobha Rani
Music Director: Deepak Dev
Release Date: 19 August 2011
Certification: U
Rating: 3.75/5


The film is set in the backdrop of the fierce warrior clans of Northern Kerala in the 16th century and focuses on the cult of Chirakkal Kelu Nayanar. It is all about boy, who wants to avenge the death of his father, who has been killed by Vasco da Gama. Santhosh Sivan's dragging narration in both first and second half tests the patience of the viewers. The climax scenes seem to have taken from another epic film Pazhassi Raja.

The story starts with present generation and soon goes back to history. Chirakkal Kelu Nayanar (Prithviraj) sets on mission to kill Dom Vasco da Gama, the Viceroy of Portuguese Empire in India. But he faces lots of odds on his way to reach his target. He has to encounter many conflicts within the kinsmen, kings, ministers, peasants and Muslim warrior princess Ayesha (Genelia D'Souza) of the famed Arackal Sultanat. He has a forte, a legendary golden Urumi, which is made from the ornaments of women and children, who were burnt alive by Vasco da Gama. Kelu is supported by his childhood friend Vavvali (Prabhu Deva). How he creates his own army and starts movement against the first Colonial advance in India will form the crux of the film.


Prithviraj is simply superb as Kelu Nayanar. Prabhudeva too puts in a commendable performance. Genelia leaves an impact with a role which no one would imagine her to be doing. Amol Gupte, who is already proven to be a great performer, makes his mark, Jagathy, Nitya Menon, Vidya Balan, Arya etc do justice to their respective roles. Everyone is good in their respective roles.


Technically, Urumi has the Santosh Sivan stamp all over it; not only angles of shots but even the gait of every actor is peculiarly choreographed so as to give the performer an individual style, sometimes stretched to the extent that we feel that they are striking a pose for a still photograph.

Prithviraj is masculinity personified with an opportunity to show off his bulging biceps throughout. Prabhu Deva's bony physique (who plays his childhood chum Vavvali) acts as contrast, as is Jagathy Sreekumar's effeminate villainous Chenichery kurup.

Genelia D'Souza, as the warrior princess Aysha, impresses. Nithya Menon as flirtatious and childlike. Paired with Prabhu Deva, she has her moments of glory. Only Vidya Balan's presence is not justified by the story.

Finally: Different, excellent, must-see movie.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thejabhai is The First

Young star Prithviraj's 'Thejabahi and family' will be the first of the Onam releases. Featuring 'Kaaryasthan' fame Akhila and Suraj in key roles, the movie is a hilarious ride through the life of a gangster turned lover. Shot at Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia and Thiruvananthapuram, the movie is written and directed by Deepu karunakaaran, who had earlier made some interesting movies like 'Crazy Gopalan and Winter'.

The movie produced and distributed by Anantha Vision is expected to be on theatres by the 26th of this month. With some interesting promotions and posters, the movie has already become the most awaited film of the season. And as it comes two weeks earlier than the Onam weekend, the movie is expected to rake in pretty good collections in the opening weeks.


Prithviraj to Remake Veetilekkulla Vazhi in Hindi

Young star Prithviraj is all set to remake his new film on theatres 'Veettilekkulla Vazhi' to Hindi.The actor who likes to go for a remake in a bigger canvas without budget restrictions, has already bought the rights of the movie. It is also expected to be the debut film of Prithviraj as a director, if initial reports and the already announced aspirations of the star are to believed. The movie has recently bagged the award for the best Malayalam film in the National Film Awards.

Directed by Dr Biju, the movie tells the plight of a young doctor who is entrusted a child to find out his terrorist father and to unite both of them. Extensively shot all over India, the movie was also noted for its mesmerising cinematography by M J Radhakrishnan.


Mumbai Police by November

Young star Prithviraj who is having a very good year in 2011, will have the shoot for his new movie 'Mumbai Police' by November 2011. To be directed by Roshan Andrews, the movie will also feature Arya in an important role. This first action thriller from the director, 'Mumbai Police' would be scripted by Bobby - Sanjay. Roshan is also planning to produce the movie under the banner of his new production house 1000 A D.

Meanwhile, Prithvi will have a difficult time to adjust his dates during the time as his Mallu Singh by hit-maker Vysakh is also schedule to start by the end of December.


Veettilekkulla Vazhi - An Admirable Way to Home

The doctor now takes upon himself the gruelling task of fetching the five-year-old boy (Master Govardhan) from Kerala and to knuckle down to an engaging journey to find out one of the best known terrorist, Abdul Suban Tariq. The film very easily be eligible for a road movie, starting off at Kerala to Delhi, and then to Pushkar, Ajmer, Jaisalmer and finally to Ladakh. In Rajasthan he meets Tariq's collaborator Rasaq, with whom he engages in a heated but intellectual debate, but soon cool off for their own routes. The film appears very simple and minimalistic in approach, but subtly speaks in tons about the need of a hate-free world.

After a while from his award winning 'Saira' and not much applauded 'Raman', Dr Biju is back with an impressive movie about a journey which ends up as a process of self invention. Rightly adjudged the Best Feature Film in Malayalam in the recently announced 58th National Film Awards 'Veettilekkulla Vazhy' is another welcome addition to the topical list of films that is making malayalees proud than ever before. A commendable statement on the irrelevance of fights on the name of religion, the movie is another take on the relation between terrorism and belief, if any.

The movie follows Prithviraj, a doctor with no name working in Delhi, who is forced to embark on a journey to to keep the word that he has given to a patient on her deathbed. The later who came up injured has asked the doctor to let her son be united with his father, who has no clues about his son. As the father of the child is a notorious terrorist, she doesn't believe the police to do her such a favour and hence she is depending on the doctor to realize her last ambition.

The camera-work by M J Radhakrishnan is the highlight of the entire movie that captures the soul of the travelogue like narrative with its chill and delight. The sync sound also works well in favour, with able support from the soul-stirring background scores by Pandit Ramesh Narayan.

In this predominantly male cast lines, Prithviraj once again appear restrained as a man with extraordinary act of kindness, to come up with a superior performance. Indrajith as Razaq, proves to his name of excelling in smaller roles. Govardhan, the child actor is also worth a mention for his naturalistic acting abilities. The two female roles of the film, by Lakshmipriya as the child's mother and Dhanya Mary Varghese as his caretaker are just cameos.

Veetilekkulla Vazhi (The Road Home) with a loud and clear message is more for the discerning audience, for the thinking viewer. All-together, a well-intentioned film that should win praises for its execution and performances.


URUMI - The Weapon Set for Release on August 19th

URUMI - The Weapon Release Centres

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shriya Saran pairs up with Prithviraj

Shriya Saran will once again team up with Prithviraj to scorch the screens in the Malayalam movie Hero.

The film is scheduled to begin production in November and will be directed by Deepan.

Earlier, Trisha was rumoured to play the lead actress in the movie, making it her debut vehicle in the Malayalam cinema, but had to back out due to scheduling conflicts. Deepan confirms that Shriya will now play the role. This will be Shriya's third Malayalam movie after the Mammootty-Prithviraj hit Pokkirri Raja and Mohanlal's Casanova. Hero will also star Srikanth in an important role.


URUMI - The Weapon (Telugu) in DTS Mixing

Kadhanam Song Clip

Nevevaro Song Clip

New Trailers

The multi-starrer film ‘Urumi’ is presently in DTS mixing work. The music scored by Deepak Dev was recently released and is said to be getting a good response from all over Andhra Pradesh. Chandra Bose, Ramajogayya Sastry, Bhuvanachandra and Vennelakanti rendered the lyrics.

The film features Arya, Prithvi Raj, Prabhu Deva, Genelia, Nithya Menon and Tabu in the lead and Vidya Balan in special role. It’s a Tamil film directed by cinematographer cum director Santosh Sivan and is being dubbed into Telugu by Shobha Rani of SVR Media (P) Ltd. The film is set to release on August 19th.


'Urumi' Tamil Premiere Show - Event Videos

'Urumi' Tamil Premiere Show - Event Images