Monday, October 26, 2009

Udayabhanu after 40 years

Very few could have realised that the veteran singer K P Udayabhanu hadn't been in the playback singing business, for the last forty years. He had been such a popular and regular name in TV screens and with the programmes of ganamela troup “old is gold”, that everyone thought he was singing movie songs now and then, that may not have become hits.

Anyhow the curious story was public by the singer himself, when he came to the studio to record a song “Kattu Paranjathum..” written by T A Shahid for the movie ‘Thanthonny’. The last time I sang a Malayalam song was for the movie ‘Thalavattam’ that came in 1969. Till then I had been able to sing around 200 film songs, but some how I was not called to sing any film song for the last 40 years'' said Udayabhanu who sang the song for the movie under the guidance of young music director Tej Mervin.

Udayabhanu who worked with A I R for 38 years, had been extremely successful with the songs that he sung in the early part of his career, particularly for films like Kadathu Kaaran, Ramanan, and Ezhu Rathrikal.

‘Thanthonny’ which have Prithviraj in the lead, will also feature songs sung by Yesudas and Shankar Mahadevan.


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