Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ranking based on Chennai Box Office Collections from Oct 02nd 2009 to Oct 04th 2009

The back-to-college movie, remade from the Malayalam super hit Classmates, hasn’t quite been able to capture hearts as its original version did. But the performances of Prithvi, Priyamani, Sakthi and Karthik made it worth watching.

Trade Talk:
Cities seem to be favoring the movie where college-goers provide patronage.

Public Talk:
Vijay Anthony’s songs.

No. Weeks Completed: 4
No. Shows in Chennai over this weekend: 96
Average Theatre Occupancy over this weekend: 48%
Collection over this weekend in Chennai: Rs. 8,14,764
Total collections in Chennai: Rs. 1.74 Crore

Verdict: Average

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