Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kerala Cafe Movie Trailer Video

According to Mohanlal Menon, the Executive director of Backwater Media And Entertainment Pvt Ltd, the company has noble intentions and that is promising for the Malayalam Film Industry. Backwater has come forward to support movies that are beautiful, thought provoking and refreshing. without its support Kerala Cafe would not have been possible.

For the first time in the history of malayalam cinema one film conceived by a team force of 10 directors.

segments bound together by a single concept "yatra". supported behind the scenes by a committed team of technical talent from the industry.

10 cinematographers, musicians, editors, art directors and all other artistes involved in the aspect of film making join inn this unique venture.
featuring the best width of on screen acts. A formidable set of actors who have made malayalam cinema proud.

A film from the Kerala film fraternity bringing together styles, genres and talent from Kerala.

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