Monday, October 26, 2009

Indran-Prithvi in Dr. Biju film

Young actor Prithviraj has joined the sets of the new movie ‘Veettilekkoru Vazhy’ directed by ‘Saira’ fame Dr. Biju. The movie which will project a strong message against terrorism, will feature Prithvi's brother and popular actor Indrajith as a terrorist. The director who loves to call the movie a true 'Indian film will best hot in six different states in North India. Prithvi will appear as a doctor who is travelling around the north accompanying a child, in search of his missing father.

Dr. Biju is using Panavison cameras for the movie and will also utilize the advantages of Sync sound techniques. The movie will be also shoot the Pushkar fair at Rajastan, where 50,000 camels are brought to be sold at the fair. ‘Veettilekkoru Vazhy’ will be produced by B C Joshy in the banner of Surya cinema.


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