Saturday, October 17, 2009

27 compliments on your (Prithviraj) 27th birthday.

1. perfect is the word that's perfect for u

2. you stand out in a crowd

3. you are a winner

4. impossible is not the word you like to hear

5. what’s in your heart is in your lips

6. you are the same in sun and in frost

7. you are witty

8. you are bold, you have no fear

9. nothing is too difficult for you

10. you do things differently

11. you are strong-willed

12. you charm with your personality

13. you achieve what you want

14. you inspire us in a special way

15. you never give up till the end

16. you have a great vision

17. you follow your heart

18. you wear an attractive smile

19. your feet search new avenues

20. you are a the best

21. your thoughts and words are beautiful

22. listening to you is learning a lot

23. success kisses your feet

24. everyone looks forward to meet you

25. you are one in a million

26. you are everyone’s favorite

27. you are lionhearted

Happy b'day dear Prithvi
we all love u so much


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