Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ravana shoot starts on 20th May!!!

Mani Ratnam has recovered from his recent heart scare and is raring to go. He has already started planning the next schedule of his film, Raavana. Contrary to rumours that the shoot of Raavana has been postponed indefinitely after Mani’s third heart scare, he has already started work and will start the next schedule on May 20. A source from the production house said, “Mani sir is back. He has already started the pre-production of the film and has also blocked the dates of the next shooting schedule. It will be a month-long schedule where all the pre-climax portions will be shot. The shoot will start on May 20 and actors will start coming to the sets on May 22. The first lot of actors to arrive will be Aishwarya Rai, Govinda, Vikram and Nikhil Dwivedi while Abhishek Bachchan, Ajay Gehi and Ravi Kishan will join them from the first week of June. After a month, the shooting location will shift to Bengaluru for a 15-day schedule. All the actors are quite charged about the forthcoming shoot. Abhishek has lost 16 kgs while Ravi Kishan has lost 12 kgs for their respective roles.” After Mani fell ill, actors were more than willing to provide fresh dates for the film. “Mani sir was reluctant to cancel the shoot, which was initially supposed to start on April 20. However, all the actors insisted that he cancel the shoot and first take care of his health and that they would willingly give him fresh dates whenever he wanted. He is perfectly fine now. However, it is still unclear on how many hours Mani sir will shoot every day or if he will take it easy initially. The shoot will happen in the jungles of Kerala where the film’s shoot had first started. The pre-production work is almost done and the dates of all the actors have been blocked again,” added the source


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