Friday, May 22, 2009

Prthivi in Pradeep Nair's 'I have a dream'

Prithviraj will be playing the lead role in 'I Have a Dream', director Pradeep Nair's new venture.

This would be Pradeep Nair's second film after 'Oridam', an offbeat film which had Geethu Mohandas playing a street prostitute. The film's title seems to be inspired by Martin Luther King's historical speech, but whether or not it has anything to do with it, is for the time being anybody's guess.

'I Have a Dream' will be produced by Saji Nanthiyattu, whose 'Calendar' which was scheduled to be released last week has been delayed due to certain problems and may be released only this week. 'I Have a Dream' will be produced under the banner of Nanthiyattu Films. More details are awaited.


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