Saturday, May 23, 2009

Moviebuzz Raavan goes to Chalakudy via Pollachi!

Mani Ratnam did not cast his vote on Wednesday in Chennai for the Lok Sabha elections. He is convalescing in his new bungalow in the cooler climes of Kodaikanal.

Sources close to him say he is upset with stories making the rounds that he wanted to shoot his Raavan in Sri Lanka. Why should Mani shoot in Sri Lanka, when Tamil’s are being butchered in Sri Lanka? He would never seek the support of the Sri Lankan government to shoot there as it is a sensitive matter in Tamilnadu.

Meanwhile Mani will be back to work on May 25. He will be shooting first some village scenes in Pollachi and later shift to Chalakudy to do the forest scenes. After he completes this long schedule, nearly 75 percent of the film will be over.

The entire star cast of the film in Hindi and Tamil who have graciously adjusted their dates to suit Mani will be there for this schedule.


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